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Sunday, 20 December 2015 08:26

Winds of Change Documentary, the success story of Information Technology Development Project

ADB have decided to make a short documentary, named “Winds of Change”, about the success story of Information Technology Development Project (ITDP) implemented by NCIT with loan assistance from ADB. 

The purpose of the documentary is to:

•Create a product that shows evidence of project result, especially, how ADB is changing lives in South Asia

•Celebrate the achievements and demonstrate that funds are being well spent and provides as an avenue for ADB’s to know the project’s impact 

 Ba. Eydafushi council was selected as government beneficiary and interviews of President and Permanent Secretary of atoll council is featured in the film to show how the project had transformed public service delivery in island community.

As an individual beneficiary, an entrepreneur who owns a guest house from Ba. Dharavandhoo will be featured to show how availability of internet service helped to do business and get government service efficiently.

Information Technology Development project (ITDP) is one of the biggest IT project implemented in Maldives aiming to improvement in the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of public sector management by networking government agencies and electronically providing information and services for the country. The achievement of projects in each component are:

1.Networking  Component 

•The network component of the project was implemented successfully as planned. At completion, the Government Network of Maldives was established.

•Implemented national computer network; networking of government agencies in Male by installation of a fiber optic cable, and connecting 20 atolls by carrier service for government agencies to share information and for the public to get access to ,government information electronically

•A data center within the National Center for Information Technology (NCIT) building was implemented.



2.Applications Component 

At the completion of the project some application were developed and are operational over the network which includes:

•Established an enterprise architecture and framework for developing E-government services

•Necessary servers, databases, and storage supporting this framework are also hosted within the data center at NCIT

•A web portal for: individual citizens, businesses, and government agencies which offers a range of services was developed and implemented at completion of the project

•Government E-Letter Management System (GEMS) for exchanging documents between government agencies.

•Transport Online application for processing driver's licenses was developed and operationalized by being rolled out to atoll capitals which enabled citizens living in the island to travel to atoll capital to get license instead of  travelling to  Male’ to get the service.  


3.National Computer Center  

Established NCIT building comprising core data center for ICT operations, application development and maintenance center, training facilities, etc, 

4.Internet Kiosks 

•20 internet kiosks was set up in 20 atolls at project completion. A total of four atolls are connected to the main computer systems at NCIT in Male through microwave networks acquired through the local mobile operator.

5.Telecom Sector Reform

All tasks on telecoms sector reform under the Project were completed, including 

•Restructuring of the existing regulatory body in such a way as to separate policy making and regulating functions

•Establishment of an independent regulatory body

•Enactment of a telecom law that supports the reform measures

•Opening up of non-basic and value-added market to competition

•Tariff restructuring for Internet services.