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About Us

National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT) was established on the 25th of March 2003 by Government of Maldives as the main government agency for the development, promotion and propagation of Information Technology (IT) in the Maldives.

Effective and innovative use of IT for a better quality of life.

To lead the nation in developing an IT culture and to proactively harness IT for the socio-economic development of the country.

NCIT is the government agency for the development, promotion and dissemination of Information Technology in the country.  Its mandate includes:

  • To establish, operate, maintain and develop the Government Computer Network
  • To advise the Ministry on the National IT Strategy to fully harness and exploit IT for economic and social development and to plan, co-ordinate and implement the programmes and projects to achieve the IT Policy of the government 
  • To implement e-Government by co-ordinating and developing Information Systems Plans of the Government for greater productivity, wider public access to information and faster delivery of services
  • To carry out reviews and studies in technology and policy, in cooperation with industry and other Government agencies, to accelerate the development of the local IT and allied industries;
  • To establish guidelines, benchmarks and standards necessary for Maldives at that time and to disseminate the information to the public
  • To review and approve proposed information systems plans of government agencies and parasitical.
  • To provide IT consultancy to Government agencies and the private sector Conduct a periodic information systems survey in the Government to foster a well coordinated and integrated Information Systems
  • To advice and assist Government ministries and agencies concerned in the review and design of IT education and training curricula to ensure to develop the human resource in IT for the Maldives
  • To develop and carry out awareness programs to improve wider public awareness and understanding of the national IT vision, plan projects and activities